SAS Language and Future Updates – what is your wishlist?

SAS Language and Future Updates – what is your wishlist?

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In this post, I’m gonna list a few things which would be great having in future versions of the SAS language. Feel free to comment on them. It might be a solution I’m not aware of. Feel free to also add your own suggestions.

Proc compare and cases differences

When comparing two datasets using proc compare, cases differences are listed. However, differences in case might not be of interest. In SASĀ® 9.4, the only solution is to create updated datasets where all values are either upper cased (upcase function), lower cased (lowcase function) or have a capital letterĀ  followed by lower case letters (propcase function).

Function to create a SAS datetime based on two values: a SAS date and a SAS time.

Right now, the first solution to create a SAS datetime based on a SAS date and a SAS time is to use the dhms function or to create your own function using proc fcmp.

Import and Create OpenOffice/LibreOffice Files

There is no straightforward solution to read and/or create text and tables valid for OpenOffice/LibreOffice solutions.


Being able to display the original value entered in a macro parameter, not the resolved value.

%macro hello;HELLO
%mend hello;

%macro demo(a=%hello);
%put &a.; *would like to have %demo instead of HELLO by using a new function;
%mend demo;

Excel – Flyover

Being able to change the style of the comments e.g. change colors. Here is an example of the expected result.

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